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SUJET : I'm English, new and confused...

I'm English, new and confused... 19 Juil 2016 16:00 #1

Hi drivers,

I'm new to Rallyman but I'm enjoying it and thought I'd give the Cup tracks a go. But my French is not good, and the automatic translation is not the best, so I've got a couple of questions about the cup rules.

1) What is the starting free rule? Is it that you can choose to be leader or non-leader?

2) Is it 1 SISU card per special, or 1 SISU per set of 3?
e.g. in the July rally in Greece, is it 1 SISU for ES1-3 and a 2nd SISU for ES4-6.
I'm guessing 1 for each group of 3 stages, but the translation is a bit 'odd'...

3) Do you get any spare tires?
I can't see spare tires mentioned in the cup rules, but I'm guessing it may be 1 tire per group of 3 stages (as the SISU) but used spare tires can be refreshed when there is an assistance stage between specials.

I hope that this makes sense, especially as it's in English...


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I'm English, new and confused... 31 Juil 2016 22:13 #2

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Names of 3 leaders are written on the left of this window :" Rally on earth : leader position on dashboards for :"

One Sisu per set of 3 specials

One space tire in your car, can can take another one ton the next assistance.
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